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Hefei Hirisun Pharmatech Co.,Ltd
Address :Yulong Rd No.6232 Binhu, Hefei 230601, China
TEL :+86-0551-62678551
E-mail :sales@hirisunpharm.com
Website :www.hirisunpharm.com
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We have HEFEI HIRISUN PHARMATECH CO., LTD to receiving international payment.
We also accept Paypal, Skrill and Western Union for payment receiving.

Hefei Hirisun Pharmatech Co.,Ltd
Address : 4F-06,Xiangjiangguoji  Building 1 No. 6232,Yulong Rd, Binhu District Hefei 230601,China
TEL : +86-0551-62678551
Skype : HirisunPharm
QQ No. : 2128939712
E-mail : sales@hirisunpharm.com
Website : www.hirisunpharm.com

Thank you for your attention on us. If you need our help regarding your product inquiry, order status, payment, shipment or any others, please email us at sales@hirisunpharm.com. We will reply your concern within one business day. Your visit on our office site is always welcomed.